The flyGIRL mission

The flyGIRL mission is to encourage and inspire women and young girls to open their hearts

 and minds to their potential and to help their dreams take flight!


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About Us

Landing My Start


I'm fortunate enough to be able to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a pilot. I want to share my travel experiences with everyone with pictures, encouragement, connections or possibly financial assistance.  Life is too short to spend it doing things you don't LOVE!! 


The Aviation Bug


I was bitten with the aviation bug when I flew aerobatics with my Uncle Robert.  He used to take me up at the local airport and I just loved it!  My father made a career in aviation as well.  

I crave excitement and there is a rush every single time I take off!  When I'm in the sky, every worry disappears and I am able to be in the moment and enjoy the peaceful scenery that you can only get from the sky.

My Travels


Some of my favorite destinations since obtaining my license August 2017. I'm always trying to find time for a new destination and plan to add to this list as quickly as possible!







New Orleans