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Experienced SIC Contract Pilot for Hire Located in Cincinnati, OH

Do you need an experienced contract pilot to act as a second-in-command on an impending flight? Our pilot, Natalie Kelley, owner and operator of flyGIRL in Cincinnati, OH, is here to help. We are available for immediate hire anywhere in the country and have worked with private and commercial clients as well as aviation management firms across the nation. Call us today at 513-443-8005 for availability!

flyGIRL Contract SIC Pilot

Year-Round Availability

At flyGIRL, we understand that the need for SIC pilots is higher than ever before and we’re proud to help meet that demand. That’s why we’re available year-round for contract piloting jobs and why we accept jobs with minimal notice whenever possible. Whether you know you need a contract pilot next month or you’ve just found that you need a replacement for tomorrow’s flight, flyGIRL has you covered.

Hire an In-Demand Contract Pilot Today!

Call flyGIRL today at 513-443-8005 to hire an experienced contract pilot to operate as the second-in-command for your next flight. We’re readily available anywhere in the country and we are proud to work with both private and commercial clients. Call us today to learn more about our pilot and to get on our calendar for your upcoming flight!

What Planes Can We Fly?

Natalie is licensed and trained to operate as a second-in-command pilot for both the CE – 500 Citation Series and the CE – 525 Citation Series. We have more than five years of experience flying private and commercial aircraft, as well as work as a CFI training new pilots in the Greater Cincinnati area. We continue to offer private flying lessons, as well as other contract flying services, such as ferry flying.

Why Hire flyGIRL as Your SIC Pilot?

Not only is our pilot an experienced and trusted training pilot, but we have worked with many clients across the country and we’re well-known in the industry for professionalism, punctuality, and flexibility. Natalie takes pride in being readily available for on-demand work and will travel across the country to work with aviation companies in need of help.

Our rates are competitive and we strive to maintain a sterling reputation with our clients. If you’re looking for a reliable, professional SIC pilot, call us today to learn more about Natalie’s qualifications and to get on our calendar.

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