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Where does your donation go?

Since the debut of flyGIRL in 2018, the flyGIRL organization and the Fly Foundation have been able to provide seven women with flight training scholarships. These scholarships have been used for commercial ratings, seaplane ratings, instrument ratings, and more!

flyGIRL and the Fly Foundation have collaborated with well-known aviation communities such as the Sporty’s Foundation, Women in Corporate Aviation, Women in Aviation International, and Jones Brothers & Company. Together, within two years, we have been able to provide more than $20,000 of aviation-related funding to well-qualified and well-deserving individuals.

flyGIRL has also been fortunate enough to work side by side with popular aviation retailers and service providers within the aviation community such as Garmin, the Banyan Pilot Shop, Sporty’s Pilot Shop, the David Clark Company, and the National Museum of the United States Air Force. There are a number of other companies who have supported the flyGIRL mission in a variety of ways. I am very grateful to these companies and individuals for their help.

Since its inception

flyGIRL has been focused on helping women reach their goals in aviation with either financial assistance, advice, networking opportunities, and/or personal encouragement.


Help Support our mission and other women in aviation by:

1) The purchase of flyGIRL apparel and gear helps fund the scholarships. Products can currently be bought through our website, through Sporty’s Pilot Shop, the Banyan Pilot Shop, or the National Museum of the United States Air Force. Wear the gear as often as possible!

2) By becoming a member of the flyGIRL community on the social media outlets, one can offer support through encouraging words and by building a special supportive aviation family.

3) Letting others know about flyGIRL and its mission helps spread the word and motivates others to become invested in one another!

4) Personal and corporate donations are tax deductible and each dollar presents more scholarship opportunities throughout each year.

Thank you for your participation in such a worthy cause! As a fairly new pilot myself, I understand what it means to an individual embarking in such an exciting, challenging profession to be surrounded by others who have the same passion for aviation and for achieving one’s dreams.