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Inspiring Women and Young Girls – Natalie FlyGirl Kelley is on Stuck Mic AvCast – click here!


In this we episode we are inspiring women and young girls in aviation. Welcome to a special episode of the Stuck Mic AvCast. Today we are joined by a truly inspirational aviator, Natalie FlyGirl Kelley. Natalie has become an ambassador for women and young girls, inspiring them to reach for the sky

Cruise Flight (Inspiring Women):

  • Natalie and her passion for aviation.
  • Why ?
  • Pushing your personal boundaries.
  • How to succeed as a woman in a male dominated industry.
  • The flyGIRL Scholarship.
  • Where you can see Natalie speak.
  • How you can help women explore aviation.


Ready For TakeOff Episode 254: Guest Natalie “FlyGirl” Kelley – click here!

Listen in as Natalie discusses her aviation journey and the original bucket list that got her started!  She turned her own aviation dreams into a non-profit foundation to help other women achieve their own dreams.  In the meantime, she has created a fashion line sold exclusively through Sporty’s Pilot Shop for all women interested in aviation, whether as pilots or just aviation lovers!

Pilot to Pilot – Aviation Podcast: Fly Girl: Natalie Kelley-click here!

What is going on Avination?! Welcome back to the Pilot to Pilot podcast episode number 63 featuring, Natalie Kelley. Natalie is the founder of FlyGIRL. FlyGIRL is a foundation and company started with a simple goal, get more women into aviation.

In this episode, Natalie and I talk about

  • How Natalie always wanted to be a pilot.
  • Why Natalie wanted to become a pilot
  • How Natalie’s uncle helped Natalie realize her love for aviation.
  • How Natalie went from stay at home mom to fly girl.
  • What it is like to get back into a school environment.
  • Why Natalie almost quit flying
  • How the aviation bug hit her hard.
  • How not being able to find cute clothes led Natalie to start Fly Girl.
  • How Natalie and I both didn’t have a set plan when we were starting our respected companies.
  • How she was able to raise over $16,000 for her first Fly Girl fundraiser.
  • How every lesson you complete gives you the confidence to tackle the next lesson.
  • Natalie talks about why she bought an airplane to help her build her time.
  • We talk about the benefits of owning your own airplane.
  • We also talk about some cons of owning your own airplane.
  • Natalie talks about how difficult her Instrument training was.
  • Natalie talks about how and when her IFR training clicked.
  • How I got cut off by the Chick-Fil-A private jet.
  • Why Natalie left Ohio to get her multi-engine rating in Florida.
  • How do we get more women in aviation?
  • We talk anything and everything FlyGIRL.
  • How to win a Fly Girl scholarship?