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seaplane rating series-5

seaplane rating series-6

seaplane rating series-5

seaplane rating series-4

seaplane rating series-3

seaplane rating series-2

seaplane rating series-1

how to sell an airplane

earning a pilot’s license¬†

airplane ownership-what to expect

how to win a scholarship 

preparing for imc flights

it’s never too late

pilot, entrepreneur, business owner

Non-stop Learning!

Reaching your goals!

Safety Series #4

Safety series #3

Safety Series #1

Safety series #2

How to preflight

How much do you weigh?

What will it take to become a pilot?

How much do you weigh?

lesson prep 101

What’s on my aviation bucket list?

time for the commercial license!

IFR rating:?i survived.

let’s plan a trip!

my son wants to fly too!

want to start flight training?

I got my license! Now what?

7 Things You Need to Know to Land a Plane!

Not Just A Private Pilot


Naysayers: how to deal with the critics!

WHAT are young eagles?