Please forgive me! The past several weeks have been full of activity, including travel, moves, school sessions starting, etc. ?My website has also been playing games with me and has tried its hardest to send me to the nuthouse. ?It just doesn’t understand how committed and hard-headed I can be! ?I’ve missed writing my blogs and hearing from all of you aviation enthusiasts tremendously! I’m finding my groove again and can’t wait to type out my thoughts and provide all sorts of information on my whereabouts and endeavors! Hopefully providing some useful insight or at least entertainment!

Several weeks ago, my blog “Keep It In Perspective,” discussed personal development and much-needed soul-searching. The blog sparked some interest from readers. ?Another self-proclaimed “Personal Development Geek” reached out to me, providing more tools for self-improvement. He sent me an interesting, follow-up article that I thought I’d share. ?Please take a look! ?I hope it proves helpful in your self-improvement journey! 99 Positive Character Traits