There is rarely a day that passes without me being grateful for some part of it.? Today, I took a nap on my couch.? It was so nice to just lie there and doze off, in complete peace.? It?s pretty rare for me to allow a moment of non-productivity.? It was the best.? There was no alarm clock to wake me.? I could lie there as long as I wanted.? There was a smile on my face as the dreams started floating in my head.? Pure bliss.??


We Can?t Always Get What We Want-Ugh.

I?m assuming this is true for everyone?each day there are things I want to do and things I must do.? Typically, my daily list of ?wants? has a 50% successful fulfillment rate.? That?s ok.? My expectations have become more realistic with time and being unable to cross every item off my list no longer haunts me at night.? ?

It has also come to my attention that the world will keep turning even though every item doesn?t get completed in a day.? Beating myself up for not checking off every item on my overly optimistic ?To Do? list is a complete waste of time and basically, just not fun.? Plus, God gave me children.? Capable children.? Having teenagers makes delegating so much easier and entertaining, might I add. ?

Here?s a nice story and maybe a lesson for you.? Teenaged boys want money.? Mom has things that she hates doing.? She makes boys do those things while she?s taking a nap.? Boys then get money, while snap-chatting each move.? It?s perfect.? They help me, earn money, and stay in contact with their four million ?friends? from all over the world.? I?m not really sure how girls operate, but boys will do almost anything for cash.? Plus, it gives me the opportunity to teach them something while being entertained by their lack of experience.? We have a blast (they may not admit that). ?

Natalie’s venting….”And then she said, and then he said, and then I said….”


Don?t lose sleep (like I used to do) over things that aren?t completed in a day!? The truth is that we get more done than we think we do.? My friend (actually, my therapist) and I have an agreement where she listens to me pour my heart and soul out, she doesn?t yell at me, and we always end sessions with a hug.? So, we?re like besties but she gets paid?Really shouldn?t I be the one getting paid since there?s a lot of material provided by me for her to work on her next dissertation?? She can possibly provide her colleagues with intriguing data??? Apparently, it doesn?t work that way.? What she does really well (and what any great friend would do), is reminds me that no matter what hasn?t been resolved or accomplished, there are more positives than negatives to focus on.? It can be really easy to get bogged down in the negatives.? I?ve always been an optimistic person but there are times we all need someone reminding us of all of the good in our lives.? It?s safe to say that there will always be way more things that we don?t get done.? Let?s just accept that of all that is offered in the world in terms of things and experiences, we will not get to most of them in one lifetime.?

What we should focus on, at the end of every day, is what we did get accomplished.? This is easy to do if you have a daily gratitude journal of some sort.? You can use it to recap at the end of the day (before you forget!).? Because my calendar has every aspect of my day recorded on it, it?s useful to look back on and see what was completed throughout the day or week.?My calendar is my journal. ?

Today, it?s proven beneficial for me to review this past week’s calendar to realize how productive it actually was.? Sure, there are things that didn?t get done.? If you use a calendar like iCal, it?s easier to reschedule those things (i.e. move them to another day) versus having them stare at you as an ?incomplete? item (and thus feeling like a failure).? Booooooo.

Here are some of the things from my calendar that didn?t get accomplished this week?

  1. Saturday and Wednesday flights to Tennessee (these two were planned and neither came to be).
  2. Manicure
  3. Tennis practice
  4. Finish writing assignment
  5. Furniture shopping
  6. Review Cessna POH
  7. Clean bugs off of the plane
  8. Pick out new flyGIRL products

Here are some things that did get accomplished! Yay me!

1)? Flight and video with a good friend

2). Financial planning meeting

3). Successful meeting with colleagues

4). Tail-wheel flying and new endorsement!?

5). Worthwhile and overdue phone call with a friend

6). Movie edit

7)? Successful Apple store visit (that didn?t require a new purchase)

8). No tickets and stayed out of jail

9). Breakfast and reconnection with two dear friends?

10) Boys football games

11) Accountant meeting

12) Hair cut

13) Exercise

14) Dr. Appointment

15) Multi-engine time

16) Solved online store product issue

17) Made returns

18) Grocery store

Look how long my second list is!? Find a way to remind yourself of how far you?ve come this week, even with the little things (?little? things oftentimes become the most challenging, don’t they?!).? Focus more on the positive progress you?ve made.? Be optimistic each and every day and push yourself! However, also take the time to give yourself a pat on the back for the strides you made this week! It?s time to take on another week and get it done.? 🙂