Building Confidence In Aviation- Tammy Barlette’s Revolutionary Course

As a retired Air Force fighter pilot, there’s a common misconception that my journey in aviation was paved with natural talent and innate abilities. However, the reality is quite different. I faced the same challenges that nearly every aspiring pilot encounters during their training.

During my time as a student in US Air Force pilot training, I grappled with confidence in my flying abilities, questioned my capacity to absorb vast amounts of information, and often found myself wondering if I truly belonged in the world of aviation. Fortunately, I swiftly realized that while cultivating good study habits was undeniably important, having the right mindset and mental preparation was critical for achieving success.

When I transitioned into the role of an instructor pilot, it became abundantly clear to me that mental performance and mindset skills played a profound role in students’ progress. What struck me even more profoundly was the realization that these essential skills weren’t innate traits but were, in fact, something that could be learned and cultivated.

Countless pilots wrestle with confidence issues, performance anxiety, and a fear of failure. Newer pilots frequently find that specific maneuvers, like stalls, trigger apprehension, while self-doubt often creeps in during the landing phase. Even the prospect of flying solo, which should be empowering, can sometimes be overshadowed by lingering doubts about their abilities. For more seasoned pilots, the complexities of instrument procedures can appear daunting, and anxiety related to task saturation during critical moments can lead to excessive stress.

Perhaps you can relate. You find yourself grappling with a sense of inadequacy in your confidence and occasionally questioning your suitability for flying. Despite dedicating countless hours to study, you still harbor doubts about whether you’ll ever truly grasp it. You’ve made a substantial financial investment and may feel hesitant to admit that your progress hasn’t aligned with your initial expectations. You are not alone.

I want to show you how to create a solid foundation for confidence in aviation. Boosting your confidence will reduce anxiety, enhance the safety of your flying operations and accelerate your progress, ultimately saving you money.

Tammy is offering $50 off to flyGIRL followers and supporters. Use code: “flygirl” when you enroll. Also, on her website, if you take the survey, you will get free access to a lesson on “Battling Nerves”. This is a great start to see if this is something you believe you would benefit from (the answer is YES, you will benefit from it)! 

Let me know if you loved the course as much as I did! First of all, thank you Tammy for your service to our country.🇺🇸 And, thank you for your help and contributions to aviation!