FBO’s are notorious for having unhealthy snacks within easy reach! Cookies, candy, doughnuts…! 🍩 We all need to resist these as much as we can. You’ve got this! Here are some tips to help you resist the temptation:

1️⃣ Remember your goals: Think about why you want to avoid doughnuts and how you’ll feel afterward (because they’re empty calories that are terrible for you and will not keep you full-you’ll be reaching for more snacks in no time).

2️⃣ Find a healthier alternative: Satisfy your sweet tooth with a piece of fruit or a small serving of dark chocolate. FBO’s also often have fresh fruit. Grab the fruit first, then maybe split a doughnut. Also, I have a square of dark chocolate almost every day. Unfortunately, chocolate is not travel friendly because it melts (unless you have a cooler)!

3️⃣ Practice portion control: If you decide to indulge, enjoy a small portion and savor every bite. You don’t have to eat the whole doughnut. Tear it in half and toss half in the garbage quickly (before you change your mind).

4️⃣ Keep them out of sight: Sit in another part of the FBO so you don’t see them!

Stay strong and stay focused on your health and wellness goals! 💪