Life without music (and flying) would be terrible!? Music can change your mood and lift your spirits in mere seconds.? Just for fun,?I?ve compiled my current favorite ten songs to share.? It was challenging just choosing ten. ?Some of these are new songs, some are older.? They cover a range of genres.? Interestingly, many of them allude to flying or wandering in some fashion. ?These?choices can either make me smile, laugh, make me want to dance or just bring pure joy. ?If you don?t have these songs on your playlist, you should! 🙂

Ready For Some Tunes?? These are in no particular order?

1) Good Life by OneRepublic.? I love OneRepublic.? This song starts out with a perspective from someone who gets around.? Obviously, travel is huge for me.? He?s meeting all kinds of people and is loving it, even if he?s not sure where he?s waking up! ?We all got our stories but please tell me, what there is to complain about??? True that!? There is always something to be grateful for.? This has got to be The Good Life.? If you?re doing what you love, of course, it is!? If you?re not, take small steps to get to that good life you?re dreaming of.? ?When you’re happy like a fool, let it take you over. ?When everything is out, you gotta take it in.? Smile.? Seize the moments, big and small.? I smile every day just because I WAKE UP, for one.? And I?m living in the U.S.A.!? From there, it?s all bonuses, like the whipped cream and cherry on top. ?

2) Adventure of a Lifetime by Coldplay.? From the very beginning of this song, I can?t help but feel hopeful!? ?Everything you want?s a dream away!?? The lyrics encapsulate many feelings I have about flying in my little plane and about life.? It?s all about ADVENTURE!? This epitomizes life in the sky and I love listening to it through my headset.? I have to sing, move and dance around in my tiny cockpit when this song is playing.? We all have magic; turn it on.? We only have one life and it is an ongoing, full-of-surprises escapade.? Let?s use it to be our best and do our best.? Our dreams are justified and have value.? Dance around and smile as you?re working hard to go after what you want, wherever you are on your journey?

3) The Great Unknown by Rob Thomas.? I sort of have a crush on Rob Thomas.? I saw him with a girlfriend of mine in a small theatre a few years ago and he was awesome! ?Just hold on, driving through the valley of the great unknown.?? These words resonate for me and many others I?m sure. We don?t always know when or how things will work out but we have to believe they will.? Stay positive, hopeful and keep moving forward.? This could be in reference to a career, a relationship, a business venture, family life?you name it (hopefully, not in reference to your current flight plan)! Sometimes people or circumstances may seem to be resisting us. There are challenges. ?There always will be. ?We have to remain focused.? Keep your eyes on the prize. ?Slow progress is still progress!? A friend once told me: “anything worthwhile won’t come easily.”? ?The Great Unknown? isn?t necessarily a bad thing. ?

4) Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys.? This song is sure to fire up any woman!? How can it not?? Hitting the notes can be a challenge and may be best-attempted solo (unless you?re inviting your dog to join in).? We are all amazing with unique gifts and talents.? Alicia Keys celebrates having our ?head in the clouds,? being sexy, smart, and unfettered.? There are so many opportunities at our fingertips to find our niche and turn up the heat.? I like to turn this tune on before a flight or tennis match. ? It?s also PERFECT after you?ve just aced an exam!

5) Defying Gravity from the Broadway show, Wicked.? I love musicals!? I?ve been able to see many famous productions in my lifetime.? I?ve also performed in some dinner theatre productions. ?As a child and in adulthood, singing has always been a part of life.? My mother?s side of the family is full of musically talented individuals.? My mother is seventy-two and still performs several times a week!? Our family reunions almost always have at least one guitarist and several performers.? This particular song ties together friendship, flying, breaking through limits and just going for it! ?Too late for second-guessing, too late to go back to sleep.? It?s time to trust my instincts, close my eyes and leap.? If you?re not familiar with Broadway tunes, this soundtrack is a great introduction. ?

The rest is still unwritten…

6) Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield.? This song is perfect for anyone.? We are all a work-in-progress.? We don?t know where our lives will lead or end up.? However, it is partially up to us.? We have to be true to ourselves and pursue things we feel drawn to.? Live each day to the fullest.? Go to sleep exhausted from a day full of hard work and passion.? There?s no better feeling than resting your head at the end of a productive, satisfying day.? You don?t have to explain yourself to anyone.? You have the right to be who you are and not always have the answers.? Direct yourself through your own story. ?

7) Gone Tomorrow (Here Today) by Keith Urban.? Keith Urban has to be one of the greatest guitar players EVER.? He?s amazing.? I can?t sit still to this song either.? Carpe diem!? We only have today.? We don?t know what tomorrow holds.? ?We?re never coming back around? (unless you believe in reincarnation). Don?t waste a day.? ?But I won?t live with regret.? Love passionately and completely. Share your soul.? Forgive freely.? Help others. Work to make your life what you want it to be. Keep growing every chance you get and in every circumstance.? Don?t let it slip away. ?

8) I?m Coming Out by Diana Ross.? My car shakes when this song is playing.? My fingers seem to naturally keep inching up the volume too! ?This is one of the all-time best songs!? It?s playing on my laptop right now and I?m admittedly chair-dancing! I have to abandon the chair for a couple of minutes?Hang tight.? I?m going to grab one of my boys and make them dance with me…?

Perfect moment.? Thank you, Diana Ross.? This song exudes confidence and fun.? It just makes you happy from the very first line.? I?m ready for a Girls Night Out.? ? It?s the perfect song to share with a bunch of flyGIRL?s!

9) Me & the Rhythm by Selena Gomez.? This is a fun song that just gives you permission to let loose too.? Noticing a theme here?? You can just enjoy the music and let go of everything else for the next three minutes and thirty seconds.? Forget about your problems and appreciate the song for what it is: a dance tune. You don?t need to worry about anything.? Allow yourself a break to be silly and dance around the house while demonstrating your moves to the spectators (probably your children or furry pet).? If you?re driving, roll your windows down, smile and sing to the neighboring car.? They probably need a break from reality too. ?

10) I Lived by OneRepublic.? Another OneRepublic tune. No regrets.? Regret is one of my biggest fears.? ?Hope that you spend your days but they all add up.?? My wish for my boys, my friends, myself is that we show up and try.? We at least try things that we?re interested in. ? We may have to reach out to a stranger.? It might be uncomfortable.? It will likely involve some element of risk and vulnerability.? There?s nothing worse than coulda, woulda, shoulda. Remember success is relative and different for everyone.? It is always achievable.? In the end, you?re the one responsible for what you did or didn?t attempt. ?

I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do. ?Dance party!!!!