Let’s Do This…

The next two weeks all of my efforts will be geared toward running a successful?flyGIRL fundraising campaign for which I am super excited!? The goal is to raise $2,500 in order to help a female with her dreams of becoming a pilot! For me personally, one of the benefits of giving away the flyGIRL scholarship is the ability connect with the recipient.? It?s important for me to be available to serve as a cheerleader or mentor to her.? I enjoy helping other women make personal connections in aviation with firsthand, direct introductions or through social media. ?

Scanning LinkedIn….

Be Social!?

Social media is a great tool for encouraging others, near and far.? There are some who poo-poo our love of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.? Moderation is important.? I do take breaks for food and the occasional bathroom trip?Hahahahaha!? Seriously, it?s a great tool for daily motivation and for making friends all of the world who share a love of aviation.? If you?re reading this, you probably already know this and happily use social whenever you feel the need!

Who Wants the Coolest Prizes?

This campaign offers various prizes for different levels of donation amounts.? There is also the ability to make your own custom donation amount here: flyGIRL donation. In the past, there has been tremendous interest in the signature red leather flyGIRL jacket.? We?ve decided to allow donors the opportunity to receive their own flyGIRL jacket for a reasonable donation of $250.? What is most exciting, is the opportunity to win a trip to Sun ?n Fun, located in Lakeland, Florida or to the EAA AirVenture fly-in, located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin (ever heard of it??).? Both of these events are a patriotic, aviator?s dream-come-true!?

The flyGIRL jacket!

How Has flyGIRL Helped Women?

Since its inception just over two years ago, flyGIRL, has given away two scholarships.? The first one was given to Megan Gerding.?She will be attending Sun ?n Fun this year with me.? We will be campers this year!? Presumably-God help me!? The success will depend on how quickly I can get my first cup of coffee in the morning.? :). The second scholarship was given to Kimberly M?tris.? Although she and I have had a couple of video chats and swapped emails, we haven?t met in person yet. I will actually get the chance to meet Kimberly at next months Women in Aviation International conference in Long Beach, California.? I?m going to give her a great big bear hug! Both of these women have a strong passion and excitement for aviation.? I?m very excited for both of them and look forward to following their progress and watching their careers soar (see what I did there?).

There have been many great scholarship applicants. ?These extraordinary females have sparked my desire to run a short-term fundraising campaign.??I know the recipient will be forever appreciative and grateful.? These women put a lot of effort into the scholarship applications and work hard proving themselves in the cockpit each lesson.? There are a multitude of reasons to give up the aviator pursuit.? It?s time consuming.? It?s mentally taxing and physically challenging.? It requires discipline and consistency.? It?s expensive.? It also raises a lot of eyebrows for those that don?t understand the passion for it.? Sometimes, it?s hard to justify.? I want to combat all of the arguments and convey the benefits.? It?s fun.? It?s exciting.? It?s liberating.? It?s unique.? It feels good to accomplish a new skill in the cockpit or a new rating.? The feeling is addictive. ?

I?m An Addict.

Yes-it?s addictive.? After some time out of my little plane recently, I’ve decided to study for my CFI rating. Being a flight instructor was really not on my radar. ?The various pilot ratings I’d pursued and earned seemed as if they would be satisfying enough. However, sitting at home one day, it hit me that I missed studying!!!!? Am I just a glutton for punishment or what? There?s a long list of ratings and endorsements still on my aviation ?bucket list.?? People may think I?m nuts and they ask when I?ll be ?finished.?? I don?t know?maybe never.? Why would I ever want to ?finish?!?? ?

YOU Can Help Me.

Be generous over the next two weeks of the campaign.? Open your wallets, purses or flight bags! ?Llet?s work together to help a flyGIRL develop and feed her own aviation addiction! ?